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From: Blake Hairston <bhairston@adrian.edu>
Date: Fri, Jul 26, 2019, 3:46 PM
Subject: Adrian College – Campus Visit Itinerary
To: Audrey Mangum <amangumsav@gmail.com>

Hi Audrey!

I look forward to the Urban United Methodist Youth Camp visit next week! Here is an itinerary for next Tuesday’s visit with your Camp I group.
10 am: Arrive at the Merillat Sport & Fitness Center (Basketball Gym)10-10:30: Introduction – Q & A10:30-11:30: Tour of campus11:30-12:15: Free time at the Fitness Center (Basketballs, Volleyballs, Group Photo?)12:15-1pm: Lunch at Ritchie Marketplace1pm: Depart from the Cascade Circle Drive
I’ve attached a map that displays our campus and the important locations for the visit. Students can be dropped off at the Merillat Sport & Fitness Center and the bus can be parked there throughout the day. We will tour campus and stop in locations of interest (we recently added a slide to our student center which may interest some students of the younger group!). You can also have photo opportunities at a few locations around the campus that you or other administrators see fit (outside of our student center is usually a popular spot for group pictures).
After the tour, we should have sporting equipment available for the students to use to burn some energy. Then we will walk over to the dining hall to have lunch. I hope you have received information from our catering service regarding your lunch order.
The bus can pick up the group at the Cascade Circle which is directly outside of the Ritchie Marketplace dining hall. 
If you have any questions going into Tuesday, feel free to let me know! After Tuesday, I will send you an itinerary for the visit on the following week.
Have a great weekend!Blake

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